Mar 16, 4 years ago

Fiction: The NCAA Tournament Cinderella

As unpredictable as the NCAA basketball tourney is every year, the facts tell us that talent wins out. Midnight strikes for Cinderella. There’s rarely that actual storybook finish. What exactly do I mean?

Every year since 1979, except for one, there’s been at least one McDonald’s All-American on the National Championship roster & all but 6 champions had MORE than one McDonald’s All-American, Maryland in 2002, the one exception. And, just so you know, there WAS no McDonald’s All American game before 1978.Shockers

I want a real Cinderella this year & there are one or maybe two feet the glass slipper could fit. Wichita State made it to the Final 4 last year. They’re undefeated this year & ranked 2nd in the nation. They even have the perfect name, the Shockers!

And how ‘bout San Diego State? They have 4 total losses, are ranked 8th in the nation & have a head coach who won the championship 25 years ago. Steve Fischer took over at Michigan one week before the tournament in ’89 when Bill Frieder took the Arizona State job. Even though Frieder said he would coach the tourney, Michigan AD Bo Schembechler said “The hell with you”… and Fischer stepped in & won the championship.

The irony: When Fisher got the Fab 5, everybody expected a national championship.  It never happened & a recruiting scandal cost him his job.  What a comeback it would be if he showed he could win with no McDonald’s All-Americans after he turned around the Aztec program.

College football virtually eliminated the Cinderella so it’s up to you college basketball. It’s time for a real Shocker… or maybe, just maybe, it’s time for the Shockers!

-Robert Land

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