May 17, 2 months ago

Ep. 190: Harden Implosion, Astros are the Best in Baseball

What are the similarities between James Harden’s Rockets’ career & Hakeem Olajuwon’s? Longtime Rockets Beat Writer Robert Falkoff (50:38), who covered Dream, looks at the Beard’s Championship window, D’Antoni’s playoff coaching & reminisces about Coach Scotty Brooks’ time with the Rockets. Falkoff covers the Royals for & gives us a pitcher in Kansas City that may end up with the Astros.

Is Mike Fiers coming out of the rotation soon?‘s Brian McTaggart (1:09:58) looks at the red hot Astros, Michael Feliz’s ascendance, the Title Belts & what’s happened to the Astros main contenders for a championship. Robert & R.G. (1:33) look at the Rockets’ running out of gas & the Astros minor flaws.

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