Aug 1, 3 weeks ago

Astros Trade Deadline Special

Did Jeff Luhnow drop the ball at the MLB Trade deadline? Robert & R.G. go over the moves the Astros made (Francisco Liriano) & didn’t make (Sonny Gray, Yu Darvish, Justin Wilson, Zach Britton). What does this mean for the big picture? We wonder if they can still win the AL & how concerned should we be about Lance McCullers & Will Harris’ return to the DL.

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Aug 18, 2 days ago

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Aug 18, 2 days ago

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Aug 16, 4 days ago Correspondent Alyson Footer on Astros

Is Luhnow too scared to deal important prospects? Footer goes into the Astros thinking & analyzes the Tyler Clippard trade. We also get her thoughts on Keuchel, McCullers, Will Harris & Bagwell’s Hall of Fame Induction….