Nov 23, 4 weeks ago

Our Top 10 Best Current Houston Athletes

How do you rank the best athletes in Houston pro sports? Host Robert Land & guest Greg Lucas, who covered the Rockets & Astros games for 3 decades, rank the Top 10 Current Houston Athletes. Is this a Golden Age for Houston? We answer that & Greg says the Astros World Series might just be the most compelling World Series in MLB history. Email for questions or comments

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Dec 18, 28 mins ago

Texans vs Jaguars Postgame Show

Can we trust reports that Bill O’Brien and the #Texans are parting ways? Robert and Brian look at the latest rumor about O’Brien’s future in Houston. Were there any positives to take from Sunday’s Jaguars shellacking? We talk …

Dec 18, 30 mins ago

TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 14

Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He tries to stump Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. In this one, Andy’s theme is the Texans assistant coaches, including one who has…

Dec 14, 4 days ago

3 Players the Texans Let Get Away

Which Texan is getting motivation from Kobe Bryant? Robert and Brian answer that question on today’s show brought to you by Draft. They also hit on the new backup QB and TJ Yates’ thoughts on Savage’s concussion. A couple Texans are…